The Samaya Project The Samaya Project

Photograph by  Franz Walter
Photograph by Franz Walter


We humans are merely giving a guest performance on planet earth. Comparing both the cosmic and the human scales, our lives shrink to a blink of an eye. Yet, this single moment is enough to initiate actions and changes for which we as humankind and as individual human beings are responsible for.

Today, our environment, nature’s elements are becoming fragile giants, incalculable and threatened as never before. With the Samaya Project we want to focus on this range of issues and challenges. The Art Series visualizes this special, tolerated moment.

We do not aim to dissolve the inter-connected complexity of these issues but aim to decipher its implications and form new points of view, new meaning, making it all more comprehensible.
The foundations of our work is our experience in photography, filmmaking, digital interaction design and storytelling.

The long-term goal of this project focusses on issues of sustainability and human interaction with nature, narrated and visualized through different media channels.