The Samaya Project The Samaya Project

Photograph by

Klaus Fengler

Klaus Fengler, born 1963, living in Bischofswiesen is a freelance photographer. For more than a decade he joined the expeditions of Stefan Glowacz to the most remote places: Mexico, Venezuela, Siberia, Baffin Island, Patagonia, Kenya.

His work has been published regularly in national and international publications, books, catalogues and magazines. Klaus Fengler work focusses on travel and expeditions, outdoor and actions sports, fine-art and landscape photography.

Franz Walter

Franz Walter, born in 1980, lives and works in the northern foothills of the Alps. Having studied Media Technology he founded nanuuq design studio in 2007, focussing on collaborations with outdoor athletes, thinking and working across disciplines.

In 2012 he began forming madebynomads with Frank Kretschmann. Together they conceive unconventional ideas, produce and publish storytelling projects for international brands and companies. madebynomads has a network of sport, culture, technology and design that is as individual as it is beautifully intertwined.

Having a great deal of experience with crossover projects, Franz Walter constantly switches between the roles of designer, photographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

Andrea Hitzemann

Andrea Hitzemann, born 1969, lives and works in the Franconian Switzerland close to Nuremberg. In 2002 the trained chemical laboratory assistant followed her passion for photography becoming a key account manager in a photo studio working for the sports and outdoor industry.

Being half Tyrolese the love for the mountains is in her blood as well as her deep interest in foreign cultures. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors took Andrea Hitzemann several times to Iceland already, building a fine grained personal network throughout the country.  

In 2012 Andrea Hitzemann founded the online community enecco OUTDOORS, where experts from throughout the outdoor industry have the ability to connect. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, project spaces and other common social community features.

Björgvin Hilmarsson

Björgvin Hilmarsson, born in 1975, lives and works in Iceland. After studying molecular biology he worked for some years in a lab, mainly on stem cell research before deciding to break free to travel and live abroad for a while.

Back in Iceland he started guiding on the glaciers and mountains , feeling more connected and in his element, climbing rock and ice for a living and spending most of his time outdoors.

Björgvin Hilmarsson is now the operations manager of expeditions at Icelandic Mountain Guides, a guiding company based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Having studied journalism and being a proficient photographer, he has taken on photo and writing assignments for international magazines, focussing on outdoor and travel related issues.